Cultivate U Internship Program

Cultivate U Internship Program


Interns operate on the church staff schedule each week.


Interns lead daily devotions on a rotational schedule; attend chapel midweek.


Interns participate in group and individual physical activity.


Interns attend weekly staff meetings; collaborate on projects; initiate and participate in community outreach programs on and off site.


Interns serve the church and staff in the following areas: broadcasting and technology; foster care; children, youth, and young adults; community outreach; worship; Sunday services.


Interns utilize hours of study time at the church in community with other interns; work with Dr. Missie Meyer to establish a calendar and identify assignments, expectations, and due dates for accountability.

Year 1 - Discover
  • Foundation in the Word of God
  • Identity as believers
  • Spiritual growth and authority
  • Overall lifestyle of worship
  • Intimacy with the Lord
  • Areas called to serve
Year 2 - Deepen
  • Framework and study in scripture, spiritual growth, and authority
  • Intimacy with Jesus at the forefront of any area or career path
Year 3 - Develop
  • Learning from leaders in our community outside of the church
  • Skills and experience in areas of study
Year 4 - Deploy
  • Serving in roles and serving people
  • Working alongside our staff members

Student Application

Reach out to our Cultivate U site Director, Dr. Missie Howe, for more information by emailing, or fill out an application by clicking the link below: