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Cultivating the Learner & Leader in yoU!

Why Cultivate U is right for you

Are you looking for a practical education that will prepare you for the future? Whether you are pursuing a college degree or seeking to cultivate your relationship with Christ in preparation for ministry, Cultivate U, provides students with hands-on ministry experience and accredited degrees, both in ministry and marketplace, to help reach your potential. Earn your fully accredited degree from Southwestern University (SAGU). Gain your experience with us.

Degree Offerings

Associate Degrees

Associate Degree in Church Ministries

Associate Degree in General Studies

Associate Degree in Business Administration

Associate Degree in Addiction Counselling

Associate Degree in Human Services

Bachelors Degree in Church Leadership

Specialization in Children and Family Ministries

Specialization in Church Planting

Specialization in Church Revitalization

Specialization in Pastoral Leadership

Specialization in Spiritual Formation

Specialization in Worship Ministry

Specialization in Youth and Student Ministries

Bachelors Degree in Business

Bachelor Degree in Business with fast track to Masters of Business Administration

Bachelor Degree in Human Services

Specialization in Counseling

Specialization in Criminal Justice

Specialization in Psychology

Specialization in Social Work

Graduate Degrees

Master’s in Practical Theology

Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Master’s in Business Administration

Student Application

Reach out to our Cultivate U site Director, Dr. Missie Howe, for more information by emailing, or fill out an application by clicking the link below:

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